Orchard Core Classes

Sunday service 9:30am - 1 North St, Gorham, ME 04038

Our Goal

One of the goals of the Orchard is to provide opportunities that help every one of our members become spiritually mature, committed followers of Jesus Christ. One way we do that is by offering four core classes:



“Discovering Church Membership”

This class is designed to help you understand the foundation of the Orchard Church, become better connected to our church family and find the next steps to make the Orchard Church… Your Church. You will also learn what it means to know Jesus Christ and how you can join the Orchard in making Him known.

This class is presented in one 2 ½ hour session and will be offered several times throughout the year.



“Discovering Spiritual Maturity”

As followers of Jesus Christ we should always be moving, learning and growing. Class 2 is designed to teach you how to establish some key habits in your life and different steps you can take to mature and grow as you get to know Jesus Christ in a deeper, more intimate way.

This class is presented in two 2 hour sessions and will be offered several times throughout the year.



“Discovering My Ministry”

God has made you in a unique way and this workshop will help you discover how He has shaped you to minister at the Orchard by your spiritual gifts, your heart, your abilities, your personality and your experiences. Class 3 will help you find the perfect place to start serving at the Orchard based on who you are. You will learn more about yourself, your spiritual gifts and how you can make a difference in the lives of those around you.

This class will be offered periodically.



“Discovering Christian Mission”

God has designed you to live life on mission. Class 4 will help you understand your unique mission to the world and help equip you to start making an impact on a personal, local and global scale.

This class will be offered periodically.

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